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Disclosure & Customer Care/FAQ


Program name and/or a description of the messages that will be sent

Candidates will ONLY receive Job Opening Emails or text messages or confirmation Emails or text messages regarding an interview appointment that said Candidate agreed to.

Organization or individual being represented in the initial message

ProAct, 24x7Careers or any of their affiliates or partners.

Fee disclosure

ProAct or its affiliates or partners charges ABSOLUTELY No Fees ever…

Service delivery frequency or recurring messages disclosure

Candidates will only receive one message per job or appointment confirmation when they are active, and those messages will be either to present a job opportunity or will be a message to remind them of and/or confirm a scheduled appointment that said Candidate scheduled.

Customer care information

Call us at 651-686-0097 for further assistance.

Opting out of messages

Please text “STOP” to cancel or you may call us at 651-686-0097 for further assistance.

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