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Employment Sourcing Services (ESS) – Recruitment Calling and Business Consulting

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ProAct Employment Sourcing Services (ESS)

ESS affords our clients more time to screen and interview more candidates by removing the mundane tasks from their day-to-day schedule and automating them. This then allows them to focus on what will ultimately make them successful in their business endeavors, Hiring.

Recruitment Calling

Recruitment Calling is fast becoming one of our most popular services available. It’s an integral part of our customers’ success in achieving their recruitment goals, while providing consistent, measurable, and results based metrics.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting is designed to increase both recruiters and sales staff results through a hands on approach through coaching and the design of your business setup and infrastructure.By implementing a coach, realtime changes…

Our Story

It all began with a group of people who dreamt of starting something completely new. We had a great vision, a passion for change and all the right skills. Together, we established a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions and providing Software As A Solution (SaaS) services to our customer base. ProAct has provided guidance, direction, solutions and cost savings to companies nationwide, ranging anywhere from mid-sized to large Fortune 500 companies.By using Saas our customers never have to purchase, maintain or update software, while at the same time maximizing their efforts and eliminating redundancy. To learn more, browse through our site or contact us directly for more information and to discuss how we partner with you and your team to make you more successful.

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