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Past & Present Clients

Our work spans personal, small and medium size businesses. From Website design, programming, office productivity software to small networking we strive to provide you with the best.

Ecra Creative – Minnesota

Mid-States Poker Tour – Minnesota

Community Care Services LLC – Minnesota

ADG Academy – Minnesota

White Bear Plumbing Inc – Minnesota

The Language Banc – Minnesota

Gentle Care Dentistry – Fort Wayne, Indiana

New River Systems Corporation – Virginia

Mfantsipim School, ’99 Year Group – Ghana


What People Are Saying

I am so happy to have found someone I can rely on when it comes to my computer and other devices. Not only is Emmanuel knowledgeable but he is friendly and very professional and I know I can count on him when a problem arises

Melissa H.

My husband and I recently had our computer crash on us. We had all our pictures on their from the past several years, and had yet to back them up anywhere. We thought we had just lost the pictures for good and pretty much forgot about it. We bought a new computer and just put the old one away in the basement. Shortly after we bought our new computer, it acquired a virus that we could not get rid of. We were worried we were going to loose all our new pictures! We contacted Emmanuel and he came over and within 10 minutes, the virus was gone, and our pictures were saved! We were very relieved, and mentioned what happened to our old computer and that we lost all our old photos. He said he could take a look at it for us. Within no time, he was able to retrieve all our old photos from our "ruined" computer! Computers can come and go, but photos are our memories and being able to have Emmanuel save them for us was priceless!!!! I highly recommend him for any issues that you have with your computer.

Molly K.

Emmanuel is very knowledgeable when it comes to computers. Emmanuel helped me with a lot of problems. He was able to set up a recommended antivirus software remotely and removed viruses on my computer in the process. Emmanuel also set-up my wireless and configure it remotely with step-by-step instruction over the phone and remote access.
Emmanuel also went through the whole computer to see what is needed and what is not needed on the computer in terms of installed programs for tuneup.
I am very happy with the work that was performed on my computer.

Sarah B.

Manny has done a phenomenal job building and designing my websites! He implemented the WordPress system on my first site which has driven a tremendous increase in traffic with followers coming back several times per day. I was so impressed with the work he did there that I had him build a second site for me. On this one he created a back end system that was designed so even a non-tech-savvy individual like myself can update my site regularly with ease! I can’t say enough about the excellent work Manny has done for me, and how responsive and easy he is to work with. I highly recommend that you use Manny to develop your website!

Bryan M.

President, MSPT Poker

When I cracked my iPhone screen, I took it to the Apple store and was told that it would cost $250 to fix. I chose not to have it repaired at that time, but the crack steadily grew and eventually an entire piece of the screen fell out, exposing the inner workings of the phone. By that point, I feared that I would have to have my phone replaced. Fortunately, a coworker referred me to Emmanuel. Not only did he replace the screen in record time, but it looks as good as new—there was no damage whatsoever. I’m so grateful to Emmanuel for saving me hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Audrey F